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AIST What makes our products innovative is the linkage of conventional audio technology with the process of artificial intelligence - thus, making intelligent audio technology. We call this patent-pending key technology Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST). AIST enables a fast, intuitive work flow, as well as new creative possibilities, by substituting musical control elements for technical control elements. This new technology extends the conventional technology with several new applications from the field of Musical Information Retrieval and Data Mining. The main focus is the active user support through intelligent assistance.

Thus, by using AIST, resulting products can be equipped with user interfaces, which upon demand, can transfer technical parameters (i.e. frequency, amplitude, spectra) into musical parameters (i.e. pitch, loudness, timbre). Consequently, the programs speak the language of its users and no longer require them to familiarize themselves with technology, which, can be irrelevant from the artistic standpoint.